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The festival is postponed to 2021 



Dear friends and fans of the festival Ostrava v plamenech,

in recent weeks and days we have witnessed an extremely difficult period unparalleled in history. Until recently, few of us would have thought that we would get into the current situation.

It's not easy to say that, but what most of us expected is just happening. The 7th year of Ostrava v plamenech will not take place.

Unfortunately, the measures associated with the coronavirus crisis will not allow us to organize the festival.

We are very dissapointed about that and you can probably imagine the feeling of futility after almost a year of intensive work which we dedicated to the festival.

The good news is that we are not giving up and working intensively on the next year's edition of the festival which will take place in the middle of next summer, as we are used to.

We are just negotiating about Saturday dates July 31 or August 7, 2021. Which of the above 2 dates it gonna be, will be known in the coming weeks. We will inform you immediately.

At the moment, all indications are that we will be able to maintain the entire line-up and move it to the next year.

Of course, this is not an easy task, because most bands already had other plans for next year but everything is coming to a successful end.

Please keep your tickets for this year and keep them in a safe place. They remain valid for the next year.

Many of you are asking how you could support us for which we thank you very much and we appreciate your support.

You can best support us by continuing to buy tickets for OVP 2021.

We can promise you that if there are more of you than we expect, we will invest all the extra income in the development of the festival, so that you enjoy it even more with us and feel even better with us.

Stay with us and be healthy.

All the best!

Petr Šiška and Patrik Kohut, the festival promoters



Paying at a Festival Using NFCtron

Paying is easier with NFCtron–neither you nor the retailer have to look for change or wait to get it. Your phone gives you an up-to-date overview of your expenses and the balance on your chip. Within 14 days after the event, you can get the remaining credit back to any bank account with no limitations and for free. No registration, no sign-in.


What's in store for you?

1. You can charge your chip with a credit card or in cash. At the event's area, you'll find marked charging spots. The first charging includes a fee of 20 Czech crowns for the chip.

2. You'll pay simply by holding the chip near the seller’s terminal. You don't have to look for cash or wait for the retailer to find it.

3. At any time of the event you can view your current expenses in your phone and have access to all receipts.

4. Within 14 days after the event, you can get the remaining credit back to any bank account with no limitations and for free, simply using the electronic receipt.

You'll find all the important information at NFCtron Point. Don't hesitate to contact NFCtron directly with additional questions.

  • Opening hours of the charging spots are yet to be specified.
  • We want to save the environment and avoid filling the whole area with receipts, printed just to be thrown away.
  • We've designed and prepared a chip wristband to give you a memory of what you experienced during the event.
  • NFCtron doesn’t collect any personal data, the information is used only once to get your remaining credit to your account.

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